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Looking for a trusted local shoe repair shop nearby in Delhi that offers A1 shoe repair and shoe laundry services? De Leather Craft is your answer. Get our best shoe repair and shoe restoration service in Delhi and see the difference.


Women’s Shoe Restoration Service in Delhi

Are you searching for a reliable local shoe repair shop that specializes in luxury women’s footwear restoration in Delhi? Do you often find yourself googling “shoe fixer near me” or “women’s shoe repair near me”? Look no further than De Leather Craft, your one-stop destination for all footwear needs. We know how disappointing it is to see your favourite high-end shoes losing their charm. Don’t worry, we are here to bring them back to life. Whether it’s a faded colour, a wobbly heel, or any other issue, our expert designer footwear restoration service can make your shoes look brand new. We fix sandals and shoes from luxury brands like Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Coach. So, if you need a sandal buckle replacement or have worn-out shoes from these brands, bring them to us, and we’ll make them look new again.

Shoe Repair

Our shoe repair service takes care of all the footwear-related issues that diminish its charm, restoring it to its former glory.

Footwear sustains minor damages over time. Our shoe repair service includes sandals buckle replacement and women sandals heel tip change, all of which are intended to revive the beauty of your worn-out footwear.

Outer Sole Replacement

Has the outer sole of your shoes got damaged from wear and tear? Prolong the lifespan of your shoes with our shoe outer sole replacement service.

The outer sole of your footwear receives the maximum damage from the activities involving rigorous use of the feet. Bring it to us and we will give your feet the comfort of a sturdy sole it deserves.

Leather Shoes Dry Cleaning

Have your leather shoes got covered with a layer of dust and stains, diminishing its beauty? Get our leather shoes dry cleaning and make your shoes shine like new.

Footwear loses its beauty gradually, but it hurts more when they are a prized-possession, like leather shoes. Our leather shoes dry cleaning service includes removal of stains and dirt from the surface of shoes.


Women’s Shoe Repair Treatments in Delhi

Constant use of footwear can lead to various issues. At De Leather Craft, we handle all types of footwear problems. As a top shoe repair shop in Delhi, we have the skills to fix a wide range of issues that arise over time. Some of the services we offer to restore your sandals or shoes to their original condition include colour touch-ups, cleaning and conditioning, shoe shining, and shoe stretching. We can even enhance the appearance of your footwear with our colour touch-ups or embossing and monogramming services. Here are three treatments we offer in more detail:

Sandals Cleaning and Conditioning

Over time, your footwear gets covered with dirt, dust, and grime, which damages its beauty. Our sandal cleaning and conditioning will rejuvenate your dirty-looking sandals.

All our cleaning solutions are imported from the USA, so you can rest assured that your beloved sandals are in safe and capable hands. Our deep cleaning process is followed by conditioning.

Complete Colour Changes and Colour Touch-Ups

Footwear gets dull and their colour fades away over time. With our complete colour changes, the appearance of your footwear changes entirely and it gets a fresh new look.

We also offer colour touch-ups to cover scratches and any faded areas in your footwear. From minor touch-ups to complete makeovers, our expert shoe fixers can make your old footwear look new again.

Size Extensions

You outgrow your footwear over time. If parting with your favourite pair of braded shoes or sandals makes your heart ache, retain them for a few more years with our size extension service.

If we see that in your footwear there is a scope for minor adjustment, then we can extend the size of your sandals so that you can use them for a few more years.

Premium Mould Removal Service in Delhi

Mould is a common problem that can affect any type of footwear, usually appearing when shoes are stored in damp and dark places. Mould not only makes your shoes look unappealing but can also cause various health issues. If you’re worried about mould on your favourite pair expensive branded shoes and don’t want to throw them away, De Leather Craft can help. Our skilled artisans use safe and effective mould removal techniques to restore your beloved sandals to their original beauty.

Why Choose De Leather Craft for All Your Leather Shoe-Related Needs

We take pride in being your go-to local shoe repair shop in Delhi, which can be credited to our commitment to offering the best service to our customers and prioritizing customer satisfaction. From damaged sole to worn-out heel tip, our expert cobblers are efficient in handling various footwear-related issues. As a leading service-provider of professional shoe repair in Delhi, we are equipped with the knowledge and the resources to tackle problems of any degree of complexity. We offer comprehensive solutions that cater to all the needs your footwear may have.

Regardless of the footwear issue you are facing, we have effective treatment and repair solutions that give long-lasting results. You can trust us to bring back the old charm and beauty of your footwear with our top-notch leather shoe care services.

Quality Workmanship

Our team of skilled craftsmen performs their job with diligence and care that exhibits in the services.

Excellent Customer Service

We put more emphasis on the utmost satisfaction of our clients. For this reason, we provide superior quality services that will keep you absolutely satisfied.

Hassle-free pick up and drop off facility

Repairing and mending your shoes is now easier than ever with our doorstep collection and home delivery options.

High Quality of Services

We strive to maintain the high service quality in each project we undertake. We use premium and imported materials and tools to deliver a high-quality service to each of our customers.

Comprehensive shoe care services

From our decade-long presence in the industry, we have integrated various services into an all-inclusive shoe care service. Our comprehensive shoe care services include shoe repair, leather shoes dry cleaning and everything in between.

Our Shoe Repair Process

  • Assessment: The first step of a shoe repair process begins with a thorough assessment of the footwear’s condition. We inspect all the parts of your footwear to identify ones that need a repair service.
  • Cleaning and Preparation: Before initiating the repair job, the shoe or sandal is fully cleaned to ensure smooth and undisrupted completion of repairs.
  • Repair or Replacement: In this step, the extent of the damage a footwear has sustained is analyzed to determine whether the shoe or sandals need a repair or replacement. This step includes replacing worn-out soles, sealing holes, mending broken heels and more.
  • Reshaping: Once the repairs are completed, the shoes undergo reshaping to restore their original shape. This includes stretching or reshaping components for a comfortable fit.
  • Quality Check: After the repairs are done, the shoes undergo a quality check to ensure that the issues that demand attention are properly addressed and the shoes meet our service standards.

Top-Quality Shoe Repair Services in Delhi

At De Leather Craft, we understand how much your beloved shoes mean to you that you hold so dear. It’s not just the high price-tag attached to your branded footwear but the high sentimental value that makes it difficult for you to let it go. What if you are told that with the expert and high-quality shoe care services, you can continue to style it with multiple outfits and enhance your overall look? Yes, you heard it right. At De Leather Craft, we provide high-end shoe repair and refurbish services in Delhi, through modern methods and materials, to give your dearest shoes and sandals their original form.

For top-notch luxury women’s shoe restoration in Delhi, look no further than us. We specialize in repairing footwears from high-end, designer brands, along with heel tip changes and cleaning services. Be it Valentino sandal repair, Jimmy Choo sandal repair, Christian Laboutin footwear restoration, Coach sandal repair in Delhi or women sandals heel tip change in Delhi, we can expertly handle it all with our years of extensive experience.

Our Team

At De Leather Craft, our success is driven by the dedicated individuals who make up our expert team. Our artisans, technicians, and professionals come together with a shared passion for preserving the beauty and character of leather shoes. Allow us to introduce you to the people behind our exceptional leather shoe repairing, cleaning, and restoration services.

Arjun Acharya


Vijay Agarwal


Jiya Biswas


Dip Das

Marketing Manager



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Leather Jackets

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Leather Bag

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Men’s Shoes

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Wallet restoration

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Sneaker Restoration

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Trolley Bag repair

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Frequently Asked Question

Having been in the shoe repair industry for years, we have got an idea of what questions trouble most of those who seek shoe repair services. Here, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Yes. We repair broken heels as well as damaged heel caps of women’s shoes or sandals. Therefore, if you have sandals with broken heels or sandals with damaged heel caps, we do quality repairs for you to avoid the discomfort of walking around with them.

Yes, but first, we have to examine them to determine the location and size of the split. We have to see these shoes in person to decide what we can do next.

Yes, we repair straps, buckles, and all other components. If a strap gets loose or a buckle breaks, you can bring it for repairs, and we will find a remedy to fix them.

Yes, we do extend sizes as well. We offer size extension services to stretch your shoes for a better and comfortable fit. Also, we accept leather, suede or any material of shoes for extension services.

If your zips are damaged and don’t work, we will replace it with brand-new zippers that perfectly match the shoes.

Absolutely. We have expertise in repairing all leather items. We repair tears, scratches and scuffs on leather. Our leather repair services can help rejuvenate your favorite pair of shoes and keep them looking great.

Yes, we offer stitching repair services for women's shoes. Whether it's loose threads, broken seams, or damaged stitching, our craftsmen can skillfully repair them to ensure your shoes are as good as new.

Yes, we offer waterproofing and stain protection treatments for women's shoes. These treatments prevent water, dirt and stains from ruining the beauty of your shoes.

Absolutely! We can replace worn-out outer soles in women's shoes to improve comfort and support. We have many variants of outer soles, so whatever be your footwear needs, we can help you find the right solutions.

Absolutely! We provide shoe cleaning and polishing services to keep women's shoes looking their best. Whether it's removing dirt and stains or restoring shine to leather, we can help maintain the appearance of your shoes. A cleaning kit for shoes is also available in our shop, which you can use to clean your shoes from time to time and maintain their beauty at all times.

Yes, we can transform the appearance of a women’s shoe with complete colour change or colour touch-ups services. Whether you want a fresh coat of colour to be applied on the existing colour or completely want a new colour, our expert shoe colouring service can give your shoes a new look.

Definitely. We specialize in repairing footwears from high-end brands like Valentino, Christian Laboutin, Jimmy Choo, Coach and many more. With our luxury women footwear restoration in Delhi, you can extend the lifespan of your expensive and favourite pair of footwears.

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