Terms And Condition

All leather repairs and cleaning are done by professionals with years of experience and training. We use state-of-the-art leather cleaning kits and tools and are committed to offering the highest level of leather care services to our valuable clients. Despite all the care and precautions taken from our end, there can be a few changes in the original product, which are due to the special characteristics of leather as specified below. Warranty for any product restored holds for 90 days from the time of delivery of the product to the customer, the warranty is valid only if the product has been used in a proper manner, not kept in any damp place, and not been exposed to Water, not scratched intentionally, and has been used in accordance with the applicable conditions for maintaining the shape and appearance of the leather product. We at De Leather Craft hold no responsibility for it, and all the loss incurred shall be borne by the customer.

If there is any disparity in the composition of leather articles before and after repairs/cleaning, De Leather Craft will not be responsible for the same. Deleathercraft will not hold any responsibility for changes in appearance, shrinkage, wrinkles, or any other changes in the product post-delivery of the product to the customer since this might occur due to peculiar characteristics of leather.

We take due care to maintain the looks and colour of all leather items, but for any damage or change in the original composition of the leather product, we hold no responsibility.

De Leather Craft takes all possible measures to maintain the condition of your leather items but holds no responsibility for any wear and tear incurred during leather cleaning or repairs. Change in the size of the leather item due to shrinkage is not the responsibility of De Leather Craft. All payments made to avail of the services at our leather care shop are non-refundable and subject to the sole discretion of De Leather Craft. Any damage or loss of goods during transit is for the customer to bear. If any leather items sent for laundry and repair get delayed in delivery due to any event outside our control then De Leather Craft will hold no responsibility for the delay.

Any goods once picked by us and returned on customer demand without any cleaning or repair service offered, the client will have to bear the delivery charges for the same and pay additional charges as decided by De Leather Craft. We share the images of the finished goods before delivering them. The Clients need to make the payments before delivery. Any delay due to a lack of payment would not count in the promised delivery time.

For the change of straps, the original brand rivets would have to be removed. We usually complete the job within 15 days, however, in some unforeseeable scenarios, the timelines might get delayed also. De Leather Craft will make attempts to get the product delivered at the customer’s place but will not be held responsible in case of no response from the customer. The products refurbished need to be collected/accepted by the Customer within 60 days of the intimation of completion of the work; post that De Leather Craft may liquidate the product for recovery of the repair cost and is not liable for any refund after the due time period.

In case of a change of leather panel, the changed panel might differ in terms of softness, characteristics, colour tone, and other qualities; this can happen since it can be difficult to exactly match the shade or softness at times. We make all efforts to source the same/similar hardware fittings as there on your premium products but in cases of unavailability. We can use fittings with a little difference in the finish and may look different owing to the difference between the new and used hardware.

Any dispute arising out of the service comes under the jurisdiction of the UP court in Greater Noida It is the CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY to check their case receipt for any inconsistencies. De Leather Craft must be alerted within 24 hours of receipt issue date/time for any client demands for changes to the item(s) which would be charged extra.

Before handing over any product for leather Refurbishing, customers are expected to go through the terms and conditions mentioned on our website in detail.