DLC vs Others

What differentiates De Leather Craft from the rest?

#1 Dyes

DLC: At DLC, we use only the best quality dyes, which retains for long and don’t affect the quality of your leather.

Others: Cheap dyes that can cause damage to your premium leather products.

#2 Technicians

DLC: Our leather craftsmen are trained from premier institutes and possess vast knowledge and years of expertise in offering care & repair service for premium leather goods.

Others: They work with low-cost untrained professionals, who are still in the learning phase.

#3 High-End Products

DLC: We use the best quality products that are imported from the USA, it helps sustain the original look and feel of your high-end leather goods.

Others: Poor quality products are used to save costs, it can decrease the life of your leather goods.

#4 Genuine Leather

DLC: The best quality genuine leather is used at our state-of-the-art treatment facility. All the restoration work we do blends in perfectly with the original leather product.

Others: Use low-quality leather for restoration which fades and gets worn out over time.

#5 Customer Support

DLC: Our customer support team is available 24*7. We offer prompt responses to all your queries our staff is polite and friendly who is happy to assist you.

Others: Delayed responses and unattended phone calls that leave you wondering about the state of your high-end leather goods.

#6 Core Values

DLC: Customers are at the centre of our company and we make sure you get the best services unmatched in-country. We are committed to excellence in our services and offer quality services for high-end leather goods.

Others: Their focus is on maximizing profits by using cheap products, no matter what effect it have on your premium products.