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So you have an expensive leather jacket ? And feel it has lost the charm it had when it was new. Over time leather tends to lose its lustre and look and may get a bit ragged, but with the right cleaning and care it can be as good as new. Meet the leather experts at De Leather Craft who can help you in removing stains and other wear and tear caused by daily usage.

Leather Jacket Cleaning Services

Leather is complex when it comes to cleaning, you cant wash it and dry it at home causing serious damage to your jacket. Our leather jacket dry cleaning service ensures your dirty & stained jacket gets the best cleaning service from our expert laundry technicians. They know the right cleaning technique for each type of stain be it dirt, smudge, grease/oil, ink, and the tough ones, our leather jacket cleaning service makes sure your biker leather jacket looks new and gleaming.

A leather coat is an evaluated ownership! It adds a specific component of spunk to your closet! Since leather jackets/coats are overly costly we normally need to keep up them well, so they last more!

We here at Deleathercraft.com offer world-class leather repair and cleaning services to keep your leather jacket young forever. We offer the best leather jacket/ coat Repair and cleaning and administer in Delhi, Punjab Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Bengaluru! And other Indian cities.

Leather Jacket Dry Clean & Polish

With more than a decade of experience in leather laundry and repair services, De Leather Craft is your one-stop destination for all your leather product cleaning &restorationservice. Our team of expert craftsman understand, your love for leather and offer exclusive cleaning and repairing services for yourfavourite leather Jacket. With state of the art treatment facility and the latest technology in place, we make sure your leather jacketis treated the way you treat it.

Our exclusive range of services for leather jackets repair and restoration includes –

  • Laundry
  • Patchwork
  • Leather Jacket Drycleaning
  • zip replacements
  • Button repairs
  • Alteration
  • Jacket Cleaning
  • Jacket Coloring/Dyeing

Looking for a customized leather Jacket get one done on order from the leather experts.

Before & After
Leather Jacket Antifungal & Patch Repair
Before & After
Leather Jacket Chip Off Repair & Conditioning
Before & After
Leather Jacket Complete Remake
Before & After
Leather Jacket Sleeve Repair & Redying
Before & After
Leather jacket Water Stain Treatment and Cleaning