How to take care of leather bags?

How to take care of leather bags?

When you buy a leather bag, it is an investment you make for they are expensive as compared to other products and last for ages. Leather is a product of nature that gains a patina as it ages, making it far more attractive with time. It is true that leather bags are bound to last for decades, provided you care for them correctly, to pass them down to your coming generations. We know it can be difficult to care for your leather bag without the proper knowledge and information available.

In this blog post, we are sharing leather care tips from expert craftsmen at De Leather Craft that will ensure your leather bag be it a handbag, backpack, purse, or travel bag, stands the test of time and looks great even after years.

Care for Leather Bag –
  • Avoid contact with Water – Water is the worst enemy of leather, knowing the fact it is better to prevent exposure to water at any cost. When leather comes in contact with water, it natural oils are evaporated leaving it dry and brittle, making it susceptible to cracks. You can opt. for water treatment for your bag if you reside in coastal areas or cities with plenty of rain to safeguard your bag from the ill effects of water.
  • Abstain from Abrasive Surfaces – Do you want to keep your bag in pristine condition? it is recommended to avoid scratching or rubbing it against abrasive surfaces. This can lead to permanent scars on its surface which are hard to get rid of even by the experts. So make sure you carry your bag with care and avoid scratches to the extent possible.
  • Storage – Storing your leather bag is an integral part of care, as it spends a significant time residing in your wardrobe. Well when storing your bag for a longer period i.e. over a week, you can stuff your bag with paper, bubble wrap, or tissue to ensure it retains its original shape and appearance. Also, it is recommended to get rid of any dust on your bag before storing it, when you store it make sure it is away from direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated space.
  • Do Not Overload – Many times we tend to shop much more than we can accommodate in our bags, as a result, our bag has to bear those extra kilos. It is a property of most types of leather to extend, so if you are overloading your bag regularly, you might end up with a stretched bag that might look out of shape.
  • Cleaning your bag – Leather products catch dust and dirt, you can use a damp cotton cloth to wipe off the bag’s surface to get rid of them. If you are looking for deep cleaning use high-quality cleaners, which are made specifically for your leather type. It is best to spot-test the cleaning agent on the bottom and check the results before proceeding with the whole bag to prevent permanent damage.
  • Timely Conditioning – Leather has its natural oils, which tend to fade away with time. It is good to condition your bag in a timely manner to keep it flexible and intact by nourishing the leather fibers. We recommend using a good quality conditioner as per the leather type to experience long-lasting results.

The above-mentioned care methods will ensure your leather outlasts for long. With the right care, you can ensure your premium leather bags look perfect even after years of usage.

We at De Leather Craft have more than two decades of experience in cleaning and repairing premium leather bags. We understand the specific needs of your leather and make sure your favorite bag gets the right care and treatment from seasoned hands, having vast experience in serving branded leather goods. At our state-of-the-art treatment facility, we are equipped with the latest technology and use the best quality chemicals & products to bring your leather products back to life.

Getting your leather bag cleaned and conditioned at regular intervals can help extend the life of your leather bag. We offer cost-effective cleaning and leather bag treatment that can make your bag durable and preserve its integrity over time. Get in touch with our experts at 9560735941