How to remove mold from leather bag – Prevention and Home Remedies

How to remove mold from leather bag – Prevention and Home Remedies

Leather bags are more than just a style statement they represent your grace and classiness to the world. Leather is timeless, provided you follow the proper care and maintenance techniques to extend the life of your leather bag. Well, seeing that mold on your premium leather bag can be disheartening, worry not it is not difficult to remove. It is best to get rid of the mold as soon as it develops to prevent your premium bags from discoloration, deterioration, unpleasant odour, and permanent damage. We will throw light on the process of cleaning mold and fungus from your loved leather possessions.

Let’s first understand what mold is – It is a fungus that grows on organic material, since leather is a product of nature it provides mold for the food supply to spread further on your leather bag. Mold grows rapidly in dark and humid environments, so if your bag is stored in a closet that is humid or moist, you must change the storage location immediately.

Step-by-step guide on how to clean fungus from leather bag?

  • Making sure it is mold – It is important to know it is mold, before proceeding. Sometimes, dirt discoloration and stains might be tricky to identify as mold. Mold can be green, white, or black in colour and has a distinct odour.
  • Cleaning – Use a leather cleaner or saddle soap to clean the affected area. Apply the cleaner using a clean cloth and gently wipe over the leather surface, it will remove the upper layer of mold. Let it dry for some time.
  • Apply Rubbing Alcohol or Vinegar – These are two common household items readily available and can kill mold and fungus growing on your leather bag. First, check your leather for any reaction from these cleaning agents, you can test it on the bottom of your bag and if no possible effect appears you can go forward. Mix water and rubbing alcohol or vinegar in 1:1 proportion with water to make a solution. Use a clean cotton or microfiber cloth damped in the solution and apply it over the affected area, this will kill the mold and prevent it from reappearing.
  • Drying – Use a clean cloth to pat dry the bag, and keep it in a well-ventilated space until it is completely dry, make sure you do not expose your leather bag to direct sunlight which can result in cracks. Alternatively, you can air-dry it if you are short on time.
  • Conditioning – Once dry you must condition the leather using good quality conditioner to bring back its original luster. Using a cotton cloth apply the conditioner on the bag and wipe it. You have a new-looking bag that is free from mold.

The above-mentioned steps help remove mold from your leather. But the first step always is prevention, which could save you time, money and energy. Here we will help you with the right ways of storing your premium leather bags to safeguard them from fungus and mold.

How to prevent the growth of mold on leather –

  • Removing any traces of water before storing your leather bag is important, you can use a clean dry cloth or paper towel for the same. This will help remove the humidity from the leather bag and make the environment unsuitable for mold growth.
  • Always store your leather bags in a dry, airy, well-ventilated place, your closet isn’t the perfect spot for storing leather products. If you have to store leather in a closet be sure to check them from time to time for any visible developments.
  • Avoid humid and damp places, which create the perfect environment for mold and fungus. If you live in a humid reason or by the sea, you can use silica gel or a dehumidifier at the storage location to safeguard your leather bags.
  • Plastic bags collect moisture, so it is advised not to store your precious leather bags in a plastic bag. You can use cotton cloth bags for storing your bags.

If followed perfectly these steps can help prevent mold growth on your leather bags and extend their life. Mold growth on leather can lead to discoloration and damage, if your bag is affected by the same, you can count on the expert care of De Leather Craft. Our craftsmen will ensure your bag is restored to its former glory and looks brand new once again. You can also opt for our mold treatment service for leather bags that will add a protective layer to your bag, ensuring your bag never catches mold and fungus again.