How to Clean Woodland Shoes

How to Clean Woodland Shoes

Woodland shoes are tough, sturdy, and your go-to pair when planning for the wilderness, isn’t it? Well, Woodland is famous for its high-quality leather and has a craze among the young and the old alike. People would prefer wearing a pair of Woodland shoes to the office than those shiny formals. But leather shoes require regular cleaning and polishing to keep them for long. We have the right step-by-step guide curated by expert leather craftsmen, which can be handy if you don’t have the time to get professional leather cleaning service.

How to Clean Woodland Shoes?

Your shoes are the first thing people notice about you. Wearing a dirty pair not only leave a bad impression on others but and also decreases the life of your Woodland leather shoes. So here are some recommendations from the experts at De Leather Craft on how to clean your Woodland shoes at home –

  • Get rid of the dirt – The first and foremost step is to clean the dirt from the shoes. It is recommended to use a gentle brush to remove the dirt. Cleaning your shoes after every use will help prevent leather decay and increase the life of your favourite shoes.
  • Cleaning the Shoes – Each leather type requires special cleaning. You must consult an expert before proceeding to make sure you don’t damage the leather of your shoes. You can use good quality leather cleaner or saddle soap mixed with water to clean your Woodland shoes at home.
  • Condition the shoes – The cleaning process destroys the natural oils. Applying leather lotion or Woodland conditioner after cleaning restores the oils and softens your shoes. Let your conditioned shoes dry for 24 hours and see the magic for yourself.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Woodland Shoes at Home?

Many people use cheap cleaning agents that contain acid, regular detergents, or shampoo to clean their shoes at home. This can destroy the shoe’s colour and significantly decrease the life of your leather shoes.

That’s about cleaning. Now let’s learn about how to polish Woodland shoes to give them that sheen and lustre they had when you saw them at the Woodland store.

How to Polish Woodland Leather Shoes?

A clean, polished shoe grabs the attention of everyone around you and moisturizes the leather, extending its life. You can choose from wax, cream, or liquid polish as per your convenience. Here is a step-by-step guide for the process of polishing your Woodland shoes. Please note different shoes require different polishing methods; consult an expert before proceeding.

  • Remove the Laces – Remove any laces or other removable items that can obstruct the process of polishing and buffing your shoes.
  • Clean Your Shoes – The process of cleaning Woodland shoes mentioned in the above paragraph will come in handy before polishing them.
  • Apply the Polish – Apply the polish on the shoe surface evenly and wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Buffing – Use a shoe brush; horsehair brushes are the best to buff leather shoes. Gently move the brush all over the leather surface, ensuring the polish is evenly spread across the shoes, not leaving behind any dark spots that can’t be reached by the brush.
  • Rubbing with Cloth – Use a clean and soft cloth to remove the extra polish and bring out the original sheen of your Woodland shoes.

The above-mentioned methods will help you clean and polish your Woodland shoes at home. It is recommended to give your leather shoes regular care and attention to keep them in their original condition and prevent damage. Please note these are general leather shoe cleaning and polishing instructions; if you see any visible signs of colour change or damage, consult a leather experts.

We at De Leather Craft offer leather shoe repair and cleaning services. Our expert leather craftsmen have worked at the Woodland factories and are well-versed with the specific requirements of these sturdy shoes. If your shoes are damaged or need restoration, you can connect with us at 9560735941 and give your shoes the best quality care they deserve. We use high-quality chemicals and cleaning agents to bring your pair of Woodlands back to life.

Our range of Woodland shoe repair and cleaning services includes –

  • Woodland Shoes Dry cleaning
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