Tips To Properly Store Your Luxury Handbag

Tips To Properly Store Your Luxury Handbag

tips to store luxury handbag

When we buy a handbag, we remember, "Handbags are an investment." Keep in
mind that the condition of your bag will affect its future value. Let's be honest: no
matter how much we want and need to carry our favourite handbag, the wear and
tear that comes with it are unavoidable.

Bags in pristine condition are typically so because they have never been used. If your
bags are more than just closet decorations, paying attention to every detail may go a
long way. Here are some tips to keep your luxury bags safe for a longer time:

  • Keep it Clean

Take the same care with your costly luggage that you would with any other valuable
object. We've heard a lot of scary stories about how things may go wrong. As you
pack your suitcase, consider the contents and how they will affect the interior. What,
if any, harm could a spill of water, sanitiser, lotion, or similar substance cause? Is it
feasible that the cloth will be smudged by your pencils, lip gloss/stick, and make-up?
How about the snacks you keep on hand for yourself and your children? It is real life,
and preparedness may be advantageous.

There's also the bag outside. Consider this before putting your purse on a dirty floor,
table, or even your lap. A quick glance at the meteorological conditions won't hurt.
On a rainy day, carrying a purse raincoat, plastic bag, or dust bag may come in handy.

  • Maintain its shape

Nobody likes an out-of-shape bag. Smushed, stretched, drooping, or squished
changes to the original design are aggravating and (often) avoided. A filler will aid in
the preservation of your bag's original shape. An easy approach to accomplish this is
to fill the bag with bubble wrap or unscented white tissue paper. Again, a bag insert
comes in handy while utilising the bag.

Tuck the strap into the bag to avoid leaving marks on the leather of bags with straps.
If a chain strap was placed with tissue, the package would be perfect.

  • Cover up

When you bought your handbag, it most likely came with or in its own dust bag.
Return the bag to its dust bag once it has been cleaned and filled. This will keep dirt
and mildew at bay until it is used again. If you don't have a dust bag, a pillow cover
will do. To avoid colour transfer, use a towel that is white or cream in colour.

  • Closet Etiquette

Place the bags back in their boxes and store them in your closet if space isn't an
issue. If the room is at a premium, putting them in dust bags will suffice. Arrange
your handbags in a straight line if possible.

Clutches, on the other hand, must be kept flat. This will allow your handbags to
regain their natural shape. If you want to hang the bags from hooks, use the
drawstring of the dust bag rather than the purse strap, which may cause your
handbag to spread out of shape.

If the bag has handles, ensure sure the shelf you're storing it on is wide enough to
prevent the handle from being squashed out of shape. The goal is to prevent no two
bags in direct contact with one another or being exposed to dust or mould while
keeping in their original shape.

Given above are the tips one can follow in order to keep their luxurious handbags
safe. Follow these simple tips and keep your once-a-while investment worthy.