One-Stop Solution For Premium Shoe Repair And Restoration

One-Stop Solution For Premium Shoe Repair And Restoration

premium leather shoe restoration

If you have the craze and frenzy for leather products and you even know that your iconic shoes need proper love and maintenance to keep them looking great. There has been a recent spurt in the demand for premium leather restoration. De Leather Craft has shown persistence in providing holistic solutions to solving all the challenges related to leather shoes & boots. We pool all the resources and caliber required to give the best services. We take a lot of pride in our team who have great efficiency and skill.

Understanding the pulse of our clients we offer various shoe care & repair services.

  • Heel and toe taps - These are the two areas on your shoes that wear out quicker during routine use. These taps are tiny plastic pieces that are put in the right places to avoid damage and wear and tear on city streets. These taps will take in all the burnt and can be replaced after a few months providing longevity to your shoes
  • Sole guards - The effect of putting sole guards are both immediate and admirable. These are best placed when your shoe is brand new. We are pleased to offer a variety of sole protectors. These will provide comfort apart from durability.
  • Heel repair - After wearing and walking in your shoes you may feel the need to replace the heels because they have started showing signs of wear. They may get dirty, torn, or scuffed. These can be easily changed and repaired at De Leather Craft. The width, length, and thickness of the replacement heel can be decided by our expert team.
  • Water and stain treatment - Stains happen but not at the cost of ruining your favorite shoes. We use different solutions to clean different types of stains like oil, grease, grass, mud, and water. As professionals, we are aware not to use products that can damage or discolor the original surface.
  • Shoe stretching - There should be the right balance between comfort and style. A tightly fit shoe might give you inflammation bumps and wounds after wearing but we can expand your shoes by using special and unique tools called stretchers. It will reduce all the problems due to an imperfect fit and make your shoes comfortable.
  • Cleaning and conditioning - It can help you enjoy a longer shelf life of your shoes than what they had in previous years. To make sure that your shoes remain in tip-top condition for many more outings give them some nourishment through conditioning. We do an extensive cleaning procedure before conditioning to prevent the dust and filth from getting trapped below the layer of the conditioner.
  • Shoe shine - Sharp and interesting shoes are loved by all. Everyone wants ultimate shine which is like mirror shine. To give them a perfect gloss we apply multiple layers of products like wax, and polish according to the leather type.
  • Embossing - Reflecting on the increasing popularity of customization we undertake works of embossing and monogramming according to client's preferences.

At De Leather Craft we are sure our work will hit the right note among the leather lovers who desire to obtain the finest repair and care for their premium leather shoes.