Leather Patching

Leather Patching

Leather Patching

Leather is the epitome of elegance and timelessness, thus nobody wishes it to get worn off. However, just like any other natural material, leather too gets damaged after constant use which obviously can not go down to the throat of the owner. In situations like these, you need leather patching experts who can serve their skill sets in order to refurbish your leather sofa, seat cover, jacket, or bag.

What is leather patching?

Leather patches are a compound that contains PVA glue mixed with leather paint and gloss which is used to restore leather objects such as footwear, gloves, couches, and vehicle interiors. It is frequently available in a variety of colours and may serve you in a variety of ways.

Why us?

We are committed to ushering in a new era of leather care that has not before been witnessed by any other leather patch service provider near you. We offer superior maintenance, preservation, and repair services for both indigo and semi-aniline leather. We also provide cemented (reconstituted) and faux leather patching service. Artistry meets technology when skilled workmanship meets cutting-edge innovation. We use potent mix which is imported from the USA, thus offering the best recipe for reviving old and abused leather.

Our request

Leather accessories are one of the most sensitive items you may have in your house. Remember that leather was once living. As a result, preserving the material requires extremely careful handling. By attempting to fix it yourself, you risk damaging a delicate piece and losing it. Experienced leather repair service provider backlink - https://www.deleathercraft.com/ like De Leather Craft can handle the items with care, recognising the structure's nature and peculiarities. This will allow the part to be preserved while being fixed and returned to peak function.