Jacket Repair Services

Jacket Repair Services

Jackets are style statements and are known for setting you apart from the crowd. In fact, a jacket can add a lot more oomph to the attire you are already carrying. Have you noticed how your casual white T and blue denim gets a fresh makeover the month you add an earth jacket to it? However, the sad truth is your favorite jacket is inevitable to damaged and gets worn out. Since you have invested a huge amount in it, it wouldn't be easy to simply discard it. Hence it’s best suggested to go to jacket repair shops nearby.

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Why you should repair it instead of new purchase?

  • If you choose jacket repair service(https://www.deleathercraft.com/products/leather-coats/) in Mumbai, then you are not only saving a huge amount of money but are doing good for the environment too. It takes years to get a piece of cloth to decompose and a lot more carbon is emitted to produce one. As a responsible citizen, you should choose eco-friendly jacket repair over re-purchases. De Leather Craft is an ideal spot for you if you are looking for a professional jacket repair service near you in Delhi. Our world-class infrastructure and technology when combined with dedicated skilled workers will give your jacket a new one. You will be amazed to see the shine and freshness of your precious jacket.

Tips to take care of your jackets

  • Store them properly
  • Before storing them for the summer, ensure they are well-cleaned because germs can thrive on perspiration and food particles.
  • Dry them
  • Check on your coats and jackets every 4-6 months and air them under a fan or out in the sun in the early morning or evening to get rid of any storage smells or dampness.
  • Take the help of sprays
  • Many commercial sprays are proven to efficiently remove wrinkles and odor. They are quick and simple. So, if you're short on time, you may rely on one of these helpful assistants!