How To Clean Your Suede Shoes

How To Clean Your Suede Shoes

We understand how difficult it is to look stylish on cold winter days, with your knits and coat layered on top of one another, the runny red nose, and your hat screwed on the tight right above your eyes. A pair of suede boots are a great way to dress up your snowman look because they keep your feet warm and add texture to your outfit.

Many people are afraid that the harsh winter elements will ruin a nice pair of shoes, but suede is a tougher material than you might think and with proper care can be cleaned easily. Suede is perfectly acceptable to wear in the winter. There is a way to keep your suede boots looking their best with proper care and preparation. Given below are some tips on how you can take proper care of your suede shoes and keep them clean.

  • Remove the dirt

Make sure that you regularly clean the dirt off your suede shoes so that the layers of dirt don’t keep adding up to the shoes. To remove dust and dirt from your shoes, use a stiff shoe brush. Brush in a sweeping motion, being careful not to press too hard and staying in the same direction to keep the nap uniform. It should be noted that the boots should be dry for this process.

  • Say no to water

Suede shoes should always be kept waterproof because water can damage the texture and colour of the shoes. Blot stains with a clean towel and a small amount of white vinegar to remove them. Use wax and spray-on waterproofing compounds to protect your suede shoes. For quick, easy, and effective results, use protection spray.

  • Brush with care

Get a suede brush or, better yet, a suede cleaning kit. Suede is a very special type of fibre that requires a special brush that won't smear the grain or be too abrasive to wear down the material. You don't want to use the wrong brush when cleaning your suede shoes, or you'll cause irreparable damage.

Brush your suede shoes gently with long, soft strokes in one direction. Using a more abrasive, circular scrubbing motion will just ruin the grain of your shoes, making them look dirty and uneven in an irreversible way.

  • Protect

Spray on a "suede protector." The preemptive spray will repel water and prevent dirt and stains from adhering to your boots. Spray from a distance and then gently brush with a suede brush. Insert your wooden shoe trees and allow your boots to air dry. Wooden shoe trees will absorb moisture while keeping the shoes' shape.

  • The Bottom Line

Finally, suede shoes can be cleaned, and the process does not have to be as difficult as some people claim. Just keep in mind that, at the end of the day, there is always the risk of staining your suede beyond repair, particularly with grease and blood stains. So, just because you can clean suede shoes doesn't mean you should wear them carelessly