How To Clean Your Leather Bags 

How To Clean Your Leather Bags 

Have you spilled water on your bag unknowingly, or your make-up cracked inside your leather tote, we understand how saddening it could be? Cause a leather handbag is not just another accessory but also represents your class. This is the reason that leather handbags have been in the trend for since long and will continue to be. Other such products made of leather that can be used by all are laptop bags, luggage bags, handbags. They are long-lasting and adds charm to your personality. But regular usage can make your bag dirty, and with the right care you can wipe the dirt off easily.

                      Leather Bag Cleaning                           

Few tips on how to clean your leather bag at home

•For dirt you can use a solution of warm water in a small amount of dishwashing solution, mind that the dishwasher must be in very low quantity.  Use a clean cloth to wipe off the surface of your bag. 
•To clean stains dab a small piece of cloth in regular alcohol, then try to clean the stains on your bag with it
•If there is an oil stain, you can use a pinch of baking soda & corn flour on the stain, both absorb the oil nicely.
•Use lemon juice and cream combination to remove the stain from wine
•Removing odor is the toughest part, by pouring baking soda over the surface and leave it overnight. In the morning vacuum the surface to get rid of the soda powder and also the odor. 

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” it is best in the first place to keep your leather bags safe. Below are some of the effective ways to prevent your leather bag from getting worn out. 



Effective ways to prevent the leather bags from getting dirty 

•Do not allow any spillage to happen on the leather bag
•Do not expose the leather to sun or water for a long time, as both can cause the damage
•Always clean & polish your leather bag at regular intervals. 

A leather bag can be cleaned at home too, but doing it in the right way with the right solutions is very important. As time passes your new bag needs deep cleaning service, because it may have caught odor, stains, fungus, etc. But at the same time, rather than experimenting and putting your leather bag at risk of forever damage, you can approach an expert leather cleaner. It will also save you time. We at De Leather Craft understand the type of leather product and offer the relevant cleaning process to make sure your leather bag looks new. We not only clean your bag but also offer a leather bag polish service that gives your bag a new feel.

Hope this blog has helped you understand the importance of the right cleaning for your leather bag & how an expert leather cleaning service provider can help you with the upkeep of your expensive bag.