Caring Tips For Leather Goods By Experts At De Leather Craft

Caring Tips For Leather Goods By Experts At De Leather Craft

caring tips for leather

Who doesn't want to relish and savor their leather goods for a long long time? From handbags to purses to wallets and shoes and not forgetting the classy leather jackets the leather always adds a touch of luxury to your everyday look. But to enjoy the services for years to come you need to know the proper way to care for it. To start with, you should have fairly good knowledge about the kind of leather which goes into the making of the article.

Different products and different varieties of leather need distinct leather care advice but in this blog, we would try to generalize how to care for leather articles to enjoy their long and pleasant use. Here are a few tips from our experts to care for your premium leather goodies - 

  • Before attempting to clean it with all the various cleaning agents and pieces of information available on the Internet try to clean it with the minimum invasive methods which include simply wiping and dusting off the dirt with a dry or slightly damp cloth and applying a generous layer of protective cream.
  • Any spills should be cleaned quickly because leaving them unattended for long leads to the drying of the substance which leaves a stain that is difficult to clean later.
  • Before using any cleaning products do a patch test on the area which is least visible. Never use a cleaning product with contains alcohol in it.
  • Avoid any exposure to sunlight or any other heat sources as heat damages the natural material and fades its color.
  • Footwear should be wiped clean at least once a week, leather bags should not be overfilled as overfilling stretches them and deforms their original shape. Even the inside of it should be cleaned periodically to keep it fresh and nice.
  • Jackets should be hung on a cushioned hanger and never folded and kept.
  • To prevent any drying and flaking use a leather conditioner which is like a moisturizer for your article. Applying conditioner keeps them soft and supple.
  • Before storing any leather goods proper cleaning and conditioning should be done. Always stuff the handbags and shoes with paper stuffing. Place them in an area that is airy and well-ventilated allowing them to breathe and not suffocate and lose their original finish.
  • Never store them covered in plastic or polythene as this leads to the growth of mold and mold damages are irreversible.

Overall leather is a delicate material in it needs good love and attention to preserve its appearance for years to come. By following the above-mentioned procedure you can extend the life of your leather goods and transfer them to your coming generation to come. At De Leather Craft we offer leather cleaning and laundry service which helps bring your leather goods back to their original look and feel once again.