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About De Leather Craft


About De Leather Craft

Company Profile

De leather Craft has been in the leather business for more than a decade. Based out of New Delhi, our parent organization (a partnership) is one of India's leading producers and exporters of leather clothing and embellishments. Having worked with the absolute most pined for brands traversing more than a few landmasses. We have the best-specialized expertise in leather to work on your exclusive products.

We offer cleaning and repair services for premium luxury leather products ranging from your Louis Vuitton handbags to Burberry Jackets, BottegaVeneta shoes, and all your other designer leather products, served under one roof. All the products we use for repairs and cleaning are imported from the USA and are of top-notch quality. We make sure your luxury goods retain their original look and feel. Our leather specialists understand your love for leather and offer detailed services along with taking care of the product as a customer would. Your products are in good hands with us at De Leather Craft and we bring life to your leather products.

De Leather Craft is additionally a socially dependable activity that implicitly diminishes the effect of developing commercialization and quick style! By offering to restore, fix and care for leather, thus preventing individuals from disposing of their expensive leather assets! This decreases inefficiency and promotes sustainability (as leather preparation involves a great deal of water utilization and air contamination).

Core Values

  • Excellent Quality Standards.
  • 100% consumer loyalty.
  • Ecological supportability.
  • Round the clock Customer support
  • Respectful and proficient administration.
  • Retain the originality of goods.
  • Ecological supportability
  • Right prices.
  • Top-notch services.
  • Experienced craftsman.
  • Supporting greener earth.